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Data Protection

Data Protection

How can you stand assured that a client on your website knows that the information that you need to collect from them can be safely transmitted over the internet to your back-end management system?

By using Transport Layer Security (TLS), also known as Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which is a cryptographic protocol that provides security and data integrity for communications on the Internet, this can be achieved. TLS has superseded SSL certificates to provide the web user the peace of mind of knowing that any data that is being passed over a web page is encrypted and will be transmitted safely to its end purpose.


We can also encrypt your on-line databases too.


This technology is primarily used on shopping cart websites but can also be used to transmit private form data or sensitive information between the website user and you the web manager. Yon can see the protocol working in your web browser when a domain begins with https:// instead of http://. You can also see a padlock in your web browser indicating that the web page you are viewing is secure.

Our data security packages can be integrated to any of our CMS sites prices start at € 149.00 for full site integration including instillation of SSL.


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