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Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

In the ever changing world of the internet, it is not only the programming that allows your website to be seen but also that devices that use the internet that can you’re your website. Have you ever found a website on your iPhone or Android device only to find you have to squint to see the website?


With a responsive website, you do not have to squint. With Responsive Web Design (RWD) the device is taken into consideration to best present your website and content.


Responsive web development employs HTML5 and CSS3 to best present your website and presents your website based on the device viewing it. This is a great advantage so that even if your site is found on a mobile device, the user can site find the critical content that they may be searching for.


Depending on your specific requirements you can still have an individual mobile site or the RWD site.


Mobile usage is on the way up in Ireland and experts say that tablet sales will soon outstrip laptop sales very soon. So a responsive web design should be considered when re-developing and re-designing your website.


The cost of a responsive web design is cheaper in the long run that having to develop a mobile app for each operating system. Even wit the development of new mobile devices in the future, your website will render perfectly. All the hard work of search engine optimisation can also be incorporated into your responsive website, something that cannot be achieved with an app.


Some of the sites we built using this technology...

Label World Label World
Exclusively Yours Exclusively Yours
Power Supply Repair Agency Power Supply Repair Agency
Laztech IT Services Laztech IT Services
Camden Clothing Camden Clothing
City Analysts City Analysts
Bishop Shanahan National School Bishop Shanahan National School