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Medray Imaging Systems

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Medray is one of Ireland's leading suppliers of medical supplies to the healthcare sector in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Medray also offer speciality services in fields radiology, veterinary, medical consumables, dental, Non-destructive testing, and uniforms.


Medray were looking to add many new functions to their website

  1. The ability to manage their customers accounts
  2. An on-line store for potentially all their products
  3. Showcase all their products and services on-line
  4. Open a UK web presence with medray.co.uk
  5. Expand their response to products and services on their website
  6. Be able to control multiple websites from one CMS

A bespoke designed content management system has been designed to allow the website administrators to easily manage their products. The content management system of the Medray website is able to manage the content on medray.ie, medray.co.uk and protecmedia.ie.


The site development includes many modern applications with HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, and AJAX all being used to deliver this solution.


This is a scalable website with the ability to add many other features in the near future.


Advanced Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has been built into this design as well as integration with social networking tools and a news section on the site to keep clients informed through automated emails


Real-time credit card payments have been installed into the site to finish a very comprehensive shopping cart solution.


medray.ie and medray.co.uk was launched in June 2013.


Following extensive user study and analysis of the usability of the Medray websites a new concept was generated for a responsive website. This also coincided with significant upgrades of functionality and usability of the website for all user formats.


The new Medray website utilises

  • HTML5
  • Responsive website design for mobile websites
  • Upgrades user account nitration
  • Events section and extended blog
  • Upgrade of Live Chat integration

The Medray website was updated and launched in May 2014

Visit the Medray Imaging Systems website >