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Laztech IT Services

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Laztech IT Services Limited was established in 2000, and currently provides fully managed technical services to over 250 SMEs based all over Ireland.


Laztech IT Services approached KL Studios to modernise their logo and their existing website with new features and a web based Content Management System and to promote their remote extensive range of IT support services to Irish small and medium size companies


The website has been designed so that the client can edit up to 95% of the content on the site with advanced content management system and database integration.


A custom facility was designed to allow Laztech to offer an easy access portal to remote control facility to access their customers systems.


This development also includes a blog and a section to promote Laztech’s ever expanding and professional range of IT solutions.


The website has been designed in HTM5 and CSS3 with a vision to the future so that their website can render better in tablets as well as traditional PC formats.


The first version of the Laztech IT Services website was launched in September 2013


Then in January 2015 the website was updated with a new version of HTML5 CSS3 with responsive web design. Now it does not matter the type of device you are using to browser the internet, when you find the Laztech IT services website you will be shown the full site rendered for your device.


Visit the Laztech IT Services website >