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Label World

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Label World was founded by Declan O’Rourke and Derek Maher in May 1998. Both continue to head up the company to this day.


Label World offers a wide variety of products to trade and end-user in a number of industries, such as Food & Drink, Pharmaceutical, Shipping, Cosmetics, IT, Construction, Health & Safety, Dental, Medical and Hygiene. As a forward thinking company who always strives to totally satisfy its customers we continually update our technology in order for us to have the right technology and business solutions to meet your labelling needs.


Since its formation Label World has committed to its customers by providing a high quality product, in turn Label World continues to expand its capabilities and goes from strength to strength as we have constant repeat business and take on new business.


The label world website compliments their product compliment and expands greatly on their online presence.


A bespoke designed content management system has been designed to allow the website administrators to easily manage their products. The content management system of the Label World website is able to manage the content on labelworld.ie with a provision for a second website in 2015.


The site development includes many modern applications with HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, and AJAX all being used to deliver this solution.


A customer management system was built to allow users within label world to easily manage thousands of label products through CSV files as well as a simple product management system.


This is a scalable website with the ability to add many other features in the near future.


Advanced Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has been built into this design as well as integration with social networking tools and a news section on the site to keep clients informed through automated emails


The Label World website was updated and launched in November 2014

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