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Bishop Shanahan National School

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Bishop Shanahan National School is a Catholic co-educational school in the parish of St Jude the Apostle, Willington, catering for children from Junior Infants to Second Class. Since its opening, the school has endeavoured to create a warm, secure environment for all the children.


The primary goal of the re-development of this website was to update the website so that any user of the site, both adult and student can easily find the activity or content they are looking for. The site also needed to be cross-browser compatible and responsive to any web enabled device with HTML5 video and image protection techniques. This site has been built with these key goals paramount to the functionality and experience on this site.


We copied all the data from the old site, re-optimised all the images and cleaned up all the broken links and data. An interactive calendar and easy update news section has also been developed for the site.


A newsletter sign-up section base been added to the site and with a specially developed management tool allows the website administrators to quickly send updates to their subscribers with formatted emails that compliments websites design.


The website has been designed in HTM5 and CSS3 and is a completely responsive design that can render in any web enabled device.


The Bishop Shanahan National School website was launched in December 2013

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