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Domain Services

Domain Services

Probably your first question is, what is a domain? Well this is the name for your website address, like klstudios.ie. and there are many options that you can choose when registering and managing a domain. .com is usually a first choice option, but if you have a business or trademark registered in Ireland, you can register a .ie domain. Specific functional domains can also be created for identifiable tasks such as:

  • forum.klstudios.ie
  • blog.klstudios.ie

We can manage you domains for you to make sure that nobody else tries to take-over your domain. We can also manage as many domains as you have, transferring is easy and billing occurs annually.


Our domain service charges are very competitive. Why not contact us to get a quote on your domain management options, with free emails and the possibility of getting your domains free for the first year.


Some of the sites we built using this technology...

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