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Analysis and Consulting

Analysis and Consulting

As part of our offerings to our clients, we offer a service where we can monitor every part of your site and how it is being accessed. This service can monitor:

  • The number of people accessing your site on a daily basis
  • Referrals to your sites from search engines
  • The search words used to find your site
  • Where the clients are from
  • The most viewed pages

Based on this information we can offer advice on the future direction of your site and how we could market your site on the internet with search engines.


Some of the sites we built using this technology...

Camden Clothing Camden Clothing
Qualvecom Qualvecom
Label World Label World
Laztech IT Services Laztech IT Services
Power Supply Repair Agency Power Supply Repair Agency
Bishop Shanahan National School Bishop Shanahan National School
City Analysts City Analysts