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How easy is it to edit your website?

How easy is it to edit your website?

The expansion of the internet has seen the advance of many great systems to easily monitor and manage your site. Foremost to this is a how easily you can manage content on your site without having to know anything about HTML or programming.


Our content management systems (CMS) can be applied to most any existing site or any of our own developments. This can be used to add products for clients to see on your site, links to other sites, blogs, forums, podcats, even entire web pages; the choice is yours.


Our principle CMS interface looks and feels very like a rich text editor that most people would be familiar with. We also provide training on how to use your specifically designed CMS.


Some of the sites we built using this technology...

Lantz Cards Direct Lantz Cards Direct
Conor McCarthy Motors Conor McCarthy Motors
SoftCo SoftCo
Digital Print Business Digital Print Business
Rince Inniu Rince Inniu
Dobbins Wine Bistro Dobbins Wine Bistro
Bishop Shanahan National School Bishop Shanahan National School
Medray Imaging Systems Medray Imaging Systems