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Media Management

Media Management

To easily add images to a site can sometimes be a problem. We have developed an upload system which can automatically create thumbnails of products and any other image that you might like to change in a database driven or content management system website.


In our Content Management System, images can be easily added deleted and re-sized as if you were using a real text editor.


We can also easlity like in videos with HTML5's new video tag or by simply entering a youTube embed code into the content management system.


In specific reference to intellectual property, your rights also need to be considered when using images on your site. We can offer protection systems that can disallow access to images and protect specific data so it is restricted to private users where necessary.


Some of the sites we built using this technology...

Laztech IT Services Laztech IT Services
Qualvecom Qualvecom
Power Supply Repair Agency Power Supply Repair Agency
Camden Clothing Camden Clothing
SoftCo SoftCo
Label World Label World
City Analysts City Analysts
Doodle Express Doodle Express